Recently listed as a UNESCO Heritage site, Clermont-Ferrand, the capital of the Auvergne region, is surrounded by dormant volcanoes and with buildings made from black lava stones. The city was originally two towns, Clairmont and Montferrand, which were joined by Louis XIII.

As one of the oldest cities in France, Clermont-Ferrand is an attractive city with one of the most active music scenes in France and is a good base for exploring the Auvergne.


Puy de Dôme

Puy de Dôme is a large lava dome and one of the youngest volcanoes in the Chaîne des Puys region of Massif Central in central France. This chain of volcanoes including numerous cinder cones, lava domes, and maars is far from the edge of any tectonic plate.


Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-L’Assomption

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption of Clermont-Ferrand , commonly known as Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral, is a gothic cathedral and French national monument . It is the seat of the Archbishops of Clermont-Ferrand. This is one of the main attractions of the city.


L'Aventure Michelin

L’Aventure Michelin reveals the living history of a iconic product and a brand that has always kept up with the times. The Michelin Group’s museum is a fun, interactive experience in a setting that embarks young and old alike on a novel adventure.


Basilique Notre-Dame-du-Port

The Basilica of Notre-Dame du Port is a romanesque basilica, formerly a collegiate church, in the Port quarter of Clermont-Ferrand, between Place Delille and the cathedral. From the 10th century to the French Revolution it was served by a community of canons, regular until the 13th century.


Statue Équestre de Vercingétorix

This masterpiece is located in the Jaude place, in the city center of Clermont-Ferrand. It represents Vercingetorix who was a king and chieftain of the Arveni tribe; he united the Gauls in a revolt against Roman forces during the last phase of Julius Caesar’s Gallic Wars.


Jardin Lecoq

Created in 1780, this public garden is one of the most beautiful and iconic natural spot of the city of Clermont-Ferrand. It is also considerated as one of most the iconest botanic gardens of the region.


Musée d'art Roger Quilliot

The Art museum of the city of Clermont-Ferrand is one of the most visited museums of the city, with over 2,000 peices of classic art to admire. Located in a building that has now been classified as a historical monument, the museum once was the city’s convent.